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Virgin Gorda The Baths British Virgin Islands St. Thomas Boat Rental Center

Virgin Gorda and The Baths, British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda is the third-largest and second most populous of the British Virgin Islands. Christopher Columbus is said to have named the island Virgin Gorda, or “Fat Virgin”, because the island’s profile on the horizon looks like a fat woman lying on her side.

Virgin Gorda’s claim to fame is an unusual geologic formation known as “The Baths” located on the southern end of the island. At The Baths, the beach shows evidence of the island’s volcanic origins with the boulders forming natural tidal pools, tunnels, arches and scenic grottoes that are open to the sea. The largest boulders are about 40 feet long and the area is a national park. You’ll find incredible snorkeling, but the fun thing to do here is to enter the rock formation at one side and climb, crawl, wade, swim and scale your way to the other side, which opens onto a beautiful little bay. You’ll need about an hour to make the journey, with time of course to stop and soak in one of the natural pools.

While The Baths are stunning, getting here can be challenging if the weather isn’t cooperative. On a smooth water day, it takes a solid 45 minutes to get there by boat. On a rough seas day, it can be double that time and you may arrive exhausted from the ride. We recommend that you decide whether or not to make the journey after you see how the weather is cooperating.

St Thomas Virgin Islands St. Thomas Boat Rental Center

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

St Thomas is known as the “hub” of the Virgin Islands because it’s home to the largest are airport and two cruise ship ports. Most visitors come in and out of the Virgin Islands through St. Thomas. Though it’s only 32 square miles in size, St. Thomas has a lifetime’s worth of things to do, and every single inch of this island offers stunning views of the Caribbean and surrounding islands like St. John, Water Island, Tortola, and on really clear days, even Puerto Rico. St. Thomas is the most “cosmopolitan” of the Virgin Islands, with nightlife to boot! Go shopping, sailing, snorkeling, sightseeing,powerboating, putting, diving or dining. Enjoy the island’s world-renowned golf course, picture-perfect beaches and spectacular nightlife. Take the Skyride 700 feet above the city or climb the famous 99 Steps of Charlotte Amalie for an incomparable view of the Caribbean. And if you’re interested in culture and history, don’t miss seeing the second-oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, the 1680-built Fort Christian or the childhood home of Camille Pissarro, one of the best-known French Impressionists.

St. Thomas is also the “jumping off” point for other Virgin Islands. In about 15 minutes, you can take the East End foot or car ferry to St. John. Tortola is just 30 minutes by boat, and Water Island is just across the harbor.